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Internationales Präsentationstraining

Presentation Skills in International Business

Presenting and Delivering Persuasively and Successfully to International Audiences

We know that business people from other nations often give more attention to information presented orally than to written proposals and reports. It is in our best interest to make sure that each of us is as effective as possible in such situations.This training program has been developed from years of practical experience by our renowned trainer, business coach and expert. You will learn how to modify your business presentations to be most effective with audiences from different cultures and how to deliver them to achieve your goals.

  • Speaking off the cuff

  • Analyzing your audience

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes

  • Extemporary speaking

  • What should I do with my hands

  • Structuring your presentation

  • Body language

  • Using technology support effectively

  • Its Showtime!

  • Presentation papers

  • Presentation excercises

  • Feedback and final questions

Vermitteltes Fachwissen (147 Teilnehmernoten)
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Termine und Orte (per Klick ins Outlook):

06.11. - 07.11.2018  München

Die Seminardetails, Referentenprofile, Teilnehmerkreis und Ihre Konditionen finden Sie in der aktuellen Seminarbroschüre. Klicken Sie hierzu einfach auf den nachfolgenden pdf-Link.


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